Connecting kind people together thru acts of kindness.

We want to change the world for the better. It starts with one kindpoint at a time. You can make a difference by doing a kind deed for a person or a place. It’s as simple as that. Share the kind deed via mobile app and earn a kindpoint. Grow your network and discover other kindusers making a difference around you by earning their kindpoints. We believe kindness is contagious. And it builds community.

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Our kind story began 20 years ago, before the age of social media, when our founder dreamed of a way to connect people through kindness. Our hope, and what keeps us up at night, is a simple idea that by giving someone like you, an easy way to connect and spread more kindness in the world, the result would be revolutionary. Imagine a world where we strive to show and share kindness, this way creating a community of health and happiness. We think it’s possible. And with your support, it can happen.

Mobile App 

Our app is kindpoints, a kindness tracker that allows you to share your acts of kindness within the social feed on the app. Organize kind events, add and follow your kind friends through the mobile and web apps. Collect kind points, set kind goals and share your kindness with a kind community of people, events and places. Help change the world with one kind act at a time. Find a local charity to support, volunteer for causes and bring awareness to your network of kindpointers.



Be a part of something bigger than yourself

Our Mission
To be positive, kind, giving, and helpful members of society by sharing kind acts with the world. Earn rewards for your kindness and meet other kind members throughout the world via kindpoints android and iOS apps. 

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