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Q&A with kindpoints Founder: Curtis Barrett

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Why did you create kindpoints?

Curtis Barrett can think of a few reasons why he was motivated to create kindpoints. The first? To “impact the world in which I live.” Not only does he want to see the world change, he wants to see how he can change by finding people who inspire him.

Another reason he was encouraged to make the app? To counteract the negativity we’re constantly bombarded with. “I want to create a space where we can be kind and happy,” he says. “If it makes anyone even a little happier - then I’ll be successful.”

When did you decide to create kindpoints?

kindpoints has been years in the making, literally. Curtis says his “aha” moment was about 6 or 7 years ago when he was connecting with other like-minded people. He thought to himself, “I know there are others like me” -- people who want to make the world better.

“I kept thinking about connecting people,” he says. “I wish there was a better way find cool people.” In the age of Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, it hit him -- social media allows you to connect with people all over the world.

How does a Company adopt this concept?

Curtis doesn’t just envision kindpoints as a way for individuals to interact, he sees it as an opportunity for businesses to adopt a culture of kindness. To do this he hopes businesses partner with other purpose and result-driven organizations. “Together we would amplify the good,” he says.

What has been the biggest challenge so far in creating kindpoints?

Despite Curtis’ positive disposition, there are natural fears that come along with starting a new business. “I’m not even selling anything on kindpoints -- I just want people to benefit,” he says. It’s not tangible, it’s a concept; I always ask myself, ‘do people get it?’”

Although he’s worried about people understanding his vision, he’s more concerned with kindpoints’ influence. His biggest fear is if the app will work, “will it achieve the impact I see?” he asks.

What are your goals for kindpoints?

“I want it to be a better world for my kids,” says Curtis. “I know we have it in us -- we are made to be better.” To do this, Curtis believes that the app should have a two pronged approach. Not only does he hope that people track their kindpoints for the day. He wants to encourage corporate America to see kindness as the future. “I want kindpoints to be the good,” he says.

When will you know kindpoints is successful?

“I’m successful in that I dreamed it, planned it, coordinated to make it happen, and I did it,” says Curtis. “If it impacts one person, then I can go to the grave knowing I tried and I did my best.”

In addition to being proud of launching the app, he’s even more excited about the possibilities. “On a mini level - I know it’s working,” he says. “After I add something, then I think to myself - what else can I do? I have this 30 minutes -- what can I do? My eyes are more open to the possibility of kindness.”

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