• Curtis Barrett

The Power of Tracking Kindness

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

The Power of Tracking & Why You Should Track Kindness

Let’s face it – we love to keep track of things. Whether it’s writing a long list of to-do’s, downloading an app that acts as a food diary, wearing a pedometer to count our steps, or syncing our smart watch with our phones to monitor daily workouts, there’s a satisfaction that comes with tracking.

So, why is it important that we track? Not only are we able to see results in real time, but tracking our activity can act as a motivator. According to an article in Psychology Today, “objective data, when trending in the right direction, can feel better than a pat on the back (or, when trending in the wrong direction, can work wonders as a kick in the rear).”

In 2016, an estimated 33 percent of people used fitness apps or products to track their wellness, according to a survey by Statista. That’s one third of people!

OK, so it’s easy to understand why tracking your fitness and nutrition is important, but why track kindness? Well, kindness doesn’t just make you feel good, it’s actually good for your health. It lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress, and acts as a natural painkiller.

At kindpoints, we’ve created a revolutionary way to track your kind deeds. Not only do we want you to feel good, we believe in kindness as a form of wellness – wellness that makes the world a better place.

With kindpoints, you can now track and manage your kind deeds. You may be thinking to yourself – why do I need an app to motivate me to be kind? Technology helps people customize their wellness routine in a way that best suits them, and kindpoints does this exactly. Finding volunteer opportunities or vetting charitable organizations can be daunting. kindpoints will look at your acts of kindness and help you connect with local charities that fit your interests, discover volunteer opportunities in your community, and meet like-minded, kind-hearted souls, while gaining health and happiness.

Cheers to tracking kindness!

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