• Curtis Barrett

What are kindpoints?

What’s it all about?

kindpoints is an app that revolutionizes a simple idea - spreading kindness makes you happy and healthy. And by sharing your acts of kindness, you’re better able to connect with others in your community and around the globe, who share the same basic principle - kindness prevails. Our mission is simple: Spread kindness. Connect with good people. Gain health and happiness.


Through an app and a social network, very much like the kind you might be using right now. It’s built for everyday people, businesses and charities to track and record good deeds, or kind acts. We love counting kindness and paying it forward.


Because we believe (and science agrees) that kindness makes you happy and healthy. And it builds community. Can you imagine taking part in a movement where we build a kinder space for everyone? With your support, we’ll spread human-kindness in a unique way. Track your deeds, follow your favorite charities to find volunteer opportunities, or check a company’s kindpoints count to see if they’re the right fit for you. All of this will soon be possible.


We’re looking for change makers, visionaries, everyday humans who believe in the power of one. It only takes one person or one kindpoint to make a difference. Won’t you join us? Stay connected by signing up for your newsletter.

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